I am licensed by the state of Maryland (#158451)

I am on the USDA food program.

I have a fully fenced in yard.

I have one daughter (born 2/2009) who is in school but she will be here with the other children when school is out.

I also have a son (Born 3/2015) who is in my care full time.


I am CPR, First aid and SIDS trained.

I have my 90 hours certification in early childhood education.

I have cared for children from infant to teen.



I have 3 cats, they are all nice and the cat litter, food and water are not near the kids.

I have 1 dog, she is a Lab/Chow mix and is very friendly. Her food and water is not near the kids.

Dora My Dog:

She is super sweet and the kids love her!

My 3 cats:

Cosmo born in April 2005

Smoky and Rose both born in March 2017

Sickness/Vacation policy…

I can not care for children who have had a fever or have thrown up in the last 24 hours. You will be notified if they get sick while in my care.

**You will be require to pick them up within one hour of notification.**

I require pay even if your child(ren) does not attend because of sickness or vacation. You are paying for me holding the spot(s).

I will take 2-3 weeks paid Vacation and Most federal holidays off. 

For School teachers only:

I can only hold a summer spot without payment all summer for teachers who enroll by November. I require $25 additional payment weekly from the end of August till Mid June. This payment will hold your spot over the summer.  I will require a new contract and first week for fall paid in June.


Contract/Payment policy…

I require a signed contract. I require 3 weeks notification for withdraw.

You may also pay for the 3 weeks if care is not needed. I require pay EVERY Thursday morning for the following weeks care.

I can take checks, money order, cash, credit cards ($5 fee per payment) and paypal ($5 fee per payment).

Checks and money orders must be made out to: Laura Marmion

If pay is not received by Thursday afternoon, a $20 late fee, per child will be added. If pay is not received by Monday morning your child can not attend. If pay is not received by Wednesday your spot will be open to other’s. I will charge a $30 fee for any bounced check. If I get 2 bad checks I will require cash for payment from then on.


Pick up/My Hours policy…

If you are consistently late picking up I will charge $1 per minute per child. This is to be paid the following morning or your child can not attend until it is paid. After 3 days you will for-fit your spot.

Full Time care is when your child is in my care 3-5 days even if it is only for a few hours each day.

Part time Care is when your child is in my care 1-3 days even if it is only for a few hours each days.

I can not give discounts for dropping off late or picking up early. You are paying for your contacted hours.

I might be able to open early/close late on a case by case basis for an extra charge. 

I can not do weekend hours.

I will only release your child(ren) to people listed on your emergency form.

If someone else is to take your child(ren) home please send a note in writing and hand it to me in the AM.

The person must have proper ID.


Diaper and Wipes

I include diapers, pull ups and wipes for all children in my care. I purchase luvs diapers in bulk. If your child has an allergy to luvs please let me know and you would be required to provide diapers.


Things you provide…

I must have two weather appropriate changes of clothes in my house at all time.


I will help with potty training after the child is 2 and shows signs of being ready.

This is a Christian home.

We do celebrate Christmas and Easter in my home.

We do not specifically talk about any holiday in a religious way.

You must sign you child In/Out EVERY day!